What Can Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Teach Us About Productivity In 2020?

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Jun 23 2020 21 mins   1

#017 Many people allow how they feel to affect their productivity. Even worse, they procrastinate thinking they need to first let go of their fears, to overcome anxiety, to heal all their traumas before they take the first step. Is it even possible to overcome those things? (Answer in this episode).

Instead, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy gives us a concrete method, a real path, a true framework for productivity that extends beyond being the victim of our own emotions. Even better, it is a practical and workable philosophy that creates action fast and eliminates procrastination quickly. Then, when you act, you will see the results of your action. Because it's only when you saw that you will be able to reap. It's only when you fish, that you'll have fish to eat.

This episode guarantees at least one breakthrough for everyone who has struggled with their emotions, who couldn't overcome anxieties, who was crippled by doubts, fears and traumas, and it is the answer for all the procrastinators in this world.

So sit back, relax, and download these new understandings right into your brain to change your life.

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