All About Apples. Compost Do's and Dont's.

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Jun 05 2020 29 mins   1

What's the easiest fruit tree variety to grow? Apples! We talk with Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery about the wide variety of apple trees available for the home gardener, as well as tips for growing a 6 or 7 foot tall apple tree (and yes, you will still get plenty of fruit!).

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Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery tells us about the top-selling apple trees: Fuji, Gala, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious.
And, if you're not sure which apple variety to choose, check out 20 years worth of taste test results at the Dave Wilson Nursery website.
Learn more about choosing, planting, pruning and caring for your apple trees at the Dave Wilson Nursery Fruit Tube Video page.

Prof. Debbie Flower explains why starting a fruit pit, such as an avocado pit, in a glass of water, will produce roots...they are not the same high quality as the roots that you would get if you had started that pit in a soil mix.

We answer the question: "Can poisonous plants be added to a compost pile?" Soils expert Steve Zien talks about what you can add to a compost pile...and what you should avoid adding. More info here.

And, a University of Texas study comparing the nutritional value of supermarket vegetables from 1950 (good nutrition) and 1999 (not so good). It's another reason why you want to grow it yourself!

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