Episode 91-Tinel's Sign: How and when to perform it and what it means!

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Jul 16 2019 14 mins   2

We have all performed a Tinel's sign on a patient. Did you know that there are multiple areas you can perform this special test? In this episode I talk about how to perform it and what it means when you have a positive sign and what the symptoms are. Below are a few areas I will discuss today:
-Carpal Tunnel
-Cubital Tunnel
-Guyon's Canal
-Tarsal Tunnel
-Common Peroneal Nerve
-Deep Peroneal Nerve

If this podcast interests you, check out this video for another technique of evaluating nerve damage: The Scratch Collapse Test

Here's an old and brief video of a patient who had tarsal tunnel syndrome which we used the Tinel's Sign with: Tarsal Tunnel Video

How about a video of Tinel's at the wrist? Carpal Tunnel Tinel's


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