Episode 609: Argon, you’re out of your element!

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Aug 05 2020 59 mins   7

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Email from David Kloepmken
What movie plot hole ruined the entire experience for you?


On This Day In History for August 5, 2020
This is the 218th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 148 days remaining in 2020

It was on this date in 1583, that Sir Humphrey Gilbert established the first English colony in North America, at what is now St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.
That same date in 1620, The Mayflower departs from Southampton, England, carrying would-be settlers, on its first attempt to reach North America; it is forced to dock in Dartmouth when its companion ship, the Speedwell, springs a leak..
204 years ago today, The British Admiralty dismisses Francis Ronalds’s new invention of the first working electric telegraph as “wholly unnecessary”, preferring to continue using the semaphore.
Also on August 5, 1858, Cyrus West Field and others completed the first transatlantic telegraph cable after several unsuccessful attempts. It will operate for less than a month.
136 years ago today, The cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty is laid on Bedloe’s Island (now Liberty Island) in New York Harbor.
On August 5, 1888, Bertha Benz drove from Mannheim to Pforzheim and back in the first long distance automobile trip, commemorated as the Bertha Benz Memorial Route since 2008.
August 5, 1914, In Cleveland, Ohio, the first electric traffic light was installed.
It was on this date in 1926, that Harry Houdini performed his greatest feat, spending 91 minutes underwater in a sealed tank before escaping.
It was 63 years ago today, that American Bandstand, a show dedicated to the teenage “baby-boomers” by playing the songs and showing popular dances of the time, debuted on the ABC television network.
58 years ago today, Nelson Mandela was jailed. He would not be released until 1990.
That same date in 1973, Mars 6 was launched from the USSR.

Happy birthday goes out on this date to:

Norwegian mathematician and theorist, Niels Henrik Abel, born on this date in 1802.
Joseph Merrick, English man with severe deformities was born on that same date in 1862.
Carl Harries, the German chemist and academic was born 154 years ago today.
Born August 5, 1872, Brazilian physician, bacteriologist, and epidemiologist, founded the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Oswaldo Cruz.
American actor, director, and screenwriter, John Huston was born 114 years ago today.
American pilot, engineer, and astronaut, Neil Armstrong, born on this date in 1930.
Also turning 86 today is Swedish engineer and theorist Karl Johan Åström.
Brian G. Marsden, English-American astronomer and academic was born on that same date in 1937.
American actress, Loni Anderson is 75 today.
African-American physicist, Shirley Ann Jackson, born on this date in 1946.
Also born on that same date in 1947, American astrophysicist and academic, France A. Córdova.

And that’s the way it was, on this day in history for August 5, 2020
Listener birthdays (Aug 5-11)

6 – Julie Tomasi
8 – Philippa Ballantine
9 – Matt Coe (WoWaddict) [1991]
9 – Julia Posz – (Technorama Promo)
10 – Sam Martin
11 – Steve Wozniak
11 – David Brewer (Tyrion The Imp)
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