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Jun 09 2020 29 mins   2

Today, we’re talking greenhouse basics. You don’t have to be a gardener for very long to realize the advantages of having a backyard hobby greenhouse. It's an ideal place to start seeds, get cuttings to root, overwinter tender plants, or turn it into your own, personal, year-round food and flower factory!

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We talk with Mark Seibert of Sturdi-Built greenhouses about the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a greenhouse. Things to consider for a greenhouse include where are you going to put it (sun is good; too much sun...not so good). Stuck with a shady yard? There's a 21st Century answer to that predicament. How are you going to heat and cool the greenhouse (generally, keep it above 40 degrees and less than 90 degrees...depending on what you're growing). Tips for installing water and electricity (you'll want those). Tips on installing a foundation (make it level!). Flooring ideas. Choosing the right door (if you're going to be hauling citrus trees inside for the winter, you'll want a double door). Ventilation tips (but you'll need screening to keep the bugs out). The pros and cons of choosing the greenhouse material for walls: glass or polycarbonate? The pros and cons of choosing the frame: aluminum, plastic or wood. And special considerations if you're thinking of a lean-to greenhouse, one that attaches to the side of your house.

In our Quick Tips segment:  Starting a salsa garden? One with tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, ohhh, wait a minute…what about cilantro? That’s vital for just about any salsa recipe. But if you live in a hot summer climate, growing cilantro is best left for the cooler months, and harvested in late winter or early spring. What’s a salsa loving gardener to do who wants fresh, home grown cilantro in the summer? Renee Shepard of Renee's Garden seed company talks about how to grow cilantro in hot summer areas. Also, cilantro substitutes for summer growing from Morningsun Herb Farm's Rose Loveall-Sale.

It’s all in Episode 18 of Garden Basics with Farmer Fred, as always, we will do it all in under 30 minutes.
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