How to Water, Chard Tips, Garden Time Savers

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Jun 02 2020 27 mins   1

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is how we water a plant. No! Don’t hit pause! Really, we have some tips about watering your garden that just might be new to you, no matter how many years you’ve held a garden hose! College horticulture professor Debbie Flower explains how correct watering can lead to healthier container plants, and that includes using the right equipment, including a water nozzle that's thorough, yet gentle. Debbie teaches us how to count...a vital function for applying the right amount of water (you might be surprised to learn how high you'll have to count for a plant in a one-gallon container).

We talk with Renee Shepherd of Renee’s Garden seed company, about a dependable, beautiful, tasty leafy green for the summer that you can easily grow in a vegetable or ornamental garden: Swiss Chard. And, she shares a recipe using chard from her latest book, Renee's Garden Cookbook.

Automate, Elevate, Eliminate, Delegate: those are the keys to several effective garden time savers, or just to make it easier on your mind and body whenever you head out into the yard. We talk about the benefits of raised beds, updating your irrigation control system, keeping fruit trees short, plus a real time-saver: removing part (or all) of your lawn to make room for an edible/ornamental garden, using soil solarization or sheet mulching.

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