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Aug 07 2020 27 mins   14

We pick up where we left off with the last episode, with a taste test of one more edible flower that you just might have growing in your yard: roses. Both the rose petals and the rose hips from the rose plant are edible. We talk with Master Rosarian Debbie Arrington who says, some rose petals and rose hips taste better than others. Which taste the best? Stick around.

When it comes to applying pesticides, read and follow all label directions. That’s the takeaway message from Gisele Schoniger, the organic educator for Kellogg Garden Products. But, she explains, maybe you don’t need to apply any pesticides to control those problematic insects and diseases in your garden. We will tell you about less toxic alternatives that work as well as what to look for in a safer pesticide product.

When you first handled your tomato plants at the beginning of the season, did you rub your finger along the stem and pick up the scent of those tiny hairs? Don’t deny it. You did. We all enjoy that first whiff of the scent of a tomato, a promise of things to come. You might recall back in Episode 3 we learned the benefits of planting tomatoes deeply. Many gardeners think those fine hairs become roots when you bury much of the stem of that young tomato plant in the ground. Our favorite college horticulture professor (retired), Debbie Flower, says no, they don’t become roots. Where do the new tomato roots come from? Then what’s the purpose of those tiny tomato hairs along the stem…other than to give you a show for your nose every spring? You might be surprised to learn of their true purpose. I was. 

We learn something new, every time, on Garden Basics with Farmer Fred. And we will do it again today in Episode 35, and we will do it in under 30 minutes!

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More about those tomato roots along the stem, tomato stem primordia
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