Episode 13 - Krampus 🅴

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Dec 16 2018 64 mins   3

Have you been nice or naughty this year? Well if it was the latter, you probably had a visit from this week's creature, Krampus, on December 5th. This dark and shaggy goat-demon-man with horns, fangs, and an extremely long tongue carries a bundle of birch sticks to beat bad kids (and sometimes adults) and a sack to carry them back to Hel with him for the next year. Featuring a VERY special guest!

Cocktail of the Week: Glühwein - recipe here: allrecipes.com/recipe/20538/gluehwein/

Promo is from Dear Murder Street! Check them out!

Show Notes: http://folkloreontherocks.com/show-notes-for-episode-13-Krampus

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