Episode 1 - The Jorogumo 🅴

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Sep 29 2018 64 mins   3
In our very first episode(!), we talk about the Jorōgumo (絡新婦, aka the 'whore spider' or 'entangling bride'), Japan’s shapeshifting spider-woman Yōkai (妖怪). Yōkai is a blanket term for a variety of supernatural creatures, monsters, and phenomena. Along with our Jorōgumo breakdown and surrounding folklore / tales, We discuss a super cool location in Kyoto, Japan called Yōkai Street (一条妖怪ストリート); the actual arachnid inspiration for the Jorōgumo, the Jorō Spider (ジョロウグモ); a bit about women and courtesans in Edo period Japan; and some of the many places spider-women have appeared in popular culture.

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