Ready or Not, Racism Is on the Back-to-School Agenda: What Can We Do to Prepare?

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Aug 11 2020 13 mins   6
The focus of race and racism is quickly shifting from what are we going to say about it to what are we going to do about racism as we head back to school. Join us as we start looking at what action items are showing up on educators’ to-do lists.

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Faige Mellen taught for 38 years at the same school “The Center For Early Education” and that’s where she is a substitute teacher. She began teaching in 1977 in the preschool. In 1991 she became one of the kindergarten teachers. She taught kindergarten until retired in June 2015. She started subbing in 2016 and subbed in Toddlers, 3 and 4-year-old program, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd. She did a three and a half month sub position for a kindergarten teacher from January till April 17th -- which included in the classroom and then remote learning.