Episode 46 - The Blob 🅴

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Aug 10 2020 54 mins   2

On this week's episode, the guys run in terror from the 1988 remake of The Blob. It's a tongue-in-cheek monster movie with a lot of gory practical effects.

Pete explains how the only chance we stand against the Ruskies is with uncontrollable, mindless monsters that devour everything in sight. How this helps is still lost on him, but damn it this is America!

Kevin tries to figure out why this Blob menace seems intent on breaking up as many teenage dates as possible. Maybe it was scorned by a past lover? Maybe it believes that sex should wait until marriage? What kind of a broken heart dwells within the pink, gooey mass that is The Blob??

So join us as we face the unimaginable horror that is, THE BLOB. And remember, don't get too scared...