036 When To Fertilize. Growing Celtuce. Peak Harvest and Storage Tips.

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Aug 11 2020 25 mins   6

Welcome to another edition of the Garden Basics podcast, once again with the subtitle, "I didn’t know that!" College Horticulture professor (retired) Debbie Flower tackles the question, is it better to fertilize your plants in the morning or the evening? Or does it matter? Debbie points out…it depends on the temperature. 

It’s not celery, it’s not a lettuce you'd recognize, it’s Celtuce! Also called stem lettuce, asparagus lettuce or Chinese lettuce, Celtuce is popular in upscale restaurants for its crispy, flavorful stems and leaves. And now is the time to be growing it. We get all the basics about growing Celtuce on today’s show, from Matt Mattus, author of the book, "Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening: Rare Varieties, Unusual Options, Plant Lore and Guidance"

It’s harvest season for many popular backyard garden fruits and vegetables. But do you know the ideal time for harvesting tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, eggplants and more? And, once you take them in the house, do you know where to store them? It’s probably not the refrigerator. Also, here's a link on how to store your backyard fruits as well as more vegetables.

We learn something new, every time, on Garden Basics with Farmer Fred. And we will do it again today in Episode 36, and we will do it in under 30 minutes! Let’s go.

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