Charles Hoskinson, CEO and Cofounder of IOHK, Former CEO of Ethereum

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Dec 24 2019 61 mins   1


Rated G!

"Charles Hoskinson, CEO and Cofounder of IOHK, Former CEO of Ethereum"

The full Charles Hoskinson interview starts at 14min 52sec.


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Charles Hoskinson


Pomp’s interview

Definitely listen to the interview that Pomp did with Charles in late September 2019.

The full show was released in early October 2019:

We talk about:

* A discussion about boots to kick off the show - pun not intended

* Transovereign - a great new word!

* Deplatforming and trust - why is eliminating the middle man important?

* What is Cardano? - It’s the new age financial operating system

* Teaching is a great way to learn

* Heuristics = rules of thumb; to help with decision making

* Mental Models are a great way to absorb information

During the intro there was a reference to Kristy-Leigh Minehan and her knowledge about mining bitcoin and cryptos

Listen to the full show we did with her:

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