How to Prepare for a Job Interview with Barry Pulis

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Apr 07 2020 40 mins   3

 Today's Topic is how to prepare for a job interview with guest expert Barry Pulis founder and CEO of the US Recruiting Group.. Barry has 25+ years of sales management and coaching experience working with various industries and clients including: data/analytics, software, technology and publishing.  For the past 15 years he has run a highly successful recruiting company focused on helping companies find top flight sales professionals and leaders. 

How to Prepare for a Job Interview


1) What the first step in getting ready for an initial phone interview or screening?

2) Resume formatting tips?

3) What About Social Media Accounts?

4) If you are a first time job seeker or new graduate what should you expect in an on site interview?

5) How do you know what is the right dress code for an interview?

6) How should you follow up and with who?

7) Compensation for non sales people. When, and how should you have that discussion?

8) How should you begin to make sure the company is a fit for you?

9) What on line tools should you use to research the company, the individuals you are meeting with, and the industry they are in?

10) Time for a little fun.  In the movie Step Brothers there is a series of scenes where the main characters intentionally blow job interviews.  What are the 3 strangest things you have heard about someone doing during an interview?