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Aug 14 2020 37 mins   14

Don’t let drip irrigation become drip irritation. Today’s entire show is on drip irrigation basics: how to install it, how to run it, how to maintain it. We talk with garden author Robert Kourik, he wrote the seminal book about the subject, it’s called “Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates.” He’ll tell us that not only will drip irrigation save you money by using less water, drip irrigation can also increase your yield. And drip irrigation isn’t just for states that have typically dry summers; it’s for any area of the country where you might get a 2-week, 3-week or month-long stretch of no rain. A drip irrigation system, ready to go, could save your garden in case that short drought pops up. And if you tried a drip irrigation system years ago and were unhappy with the results, we’ll tell you how the equipment has improved recently to be more dependable and trouble resistant.

We learn something new, every time, on Garden Basics with Farmer Fred. And we will do it again today in Episode 37, Drip Irrigation Basics. But we won’t do it in under 30 minutes; it’ll probably be closer to 40 minutes…because water is hard. sorry.

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