Ep. 11: 50 min Level 1-2 Class At Swerve Studio

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Oct 10 2006 64 mins   1

I'm still in El Salvador so this is a class that I had recorded on August 25. A basic Level 1-2 class which runs about 50 min, with the theme of Faith, in sanskrit Shraddha :)



[email protected] (the email address to rsvp to for the Lululemon Opening Party on October 12th from 6-10pm)

Also the living Sun Salutation Project on Santa Monica Blvd: Gather at the North Beverly Store, 334 N. Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills, 90211, at 4:30pm. We will do the Salutations from about 5-6pm. Please wear black clothes, top and bottom!


Warm ups

1/2 sunsalutes x 3

Sun Salutations x 3

Crescent Pose, jump switch

Vira II into Reverse Vira

Vira I

Trikonasana/Ardha Chandrasana/Urdhva Prasarita Ekapadasana with squared hips/Deep lunge on forearms


Ardha Bhekasana

Lunge with thigh stretch

Cobra on fingertips x 2

Child's Pose

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Hasta Padangustasana

easy twist