Ep. 10: 45 min Level 1-2 Class At The Center For Yoga

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Oct 04 2006 65 mins   2

A bittersweet episode posted to you from San Salvador, El Salvador. The theme for this week's class is authenticity, in sanskrit, aucitya (I certainly hope that I spelled that correctly.) I used Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter and his sudden death as a jumping off point for my theme. What's so strange is that I recorded this class on September 28th and September 29th my grandpa passed away. I listened to what I said about Steve and thought, I could have used my grandfather instead. If there is a word to describe my Grandfather it's authentic. He was all that he could be all the time, and he continued to grow and become more until the very end.


the Lululemon party: email, [email protected], all you need to say is that you are rsvping for the party, give your 1st and last name to be put on the list! yeay!!! Get there early as the first 300 folks get a free gift bag :) The party is October 12th from 6-10pm

check out the Lululemon Beverly Hills Store and my ambassador page of course :)

the Sun Salutation Project: that's on Wednesday, October 11th, meeting at the store at 4:30, to walk up to Santa Monica Blvd. We will salute the sun from about 5-6pm. Please email me so we can know how many are showing up!!!! [email protected]


hands and knees

downward facing dog

Uttanasana, Ardha Uttanasana x 3

Half Sun Salutes x 3

Sun Salutations x 3

Crescent Pose

Vira II

Trikonasana into Ardha Chandrasana



Wide legged Uttanasana with shoulder stretch

Pincha Mayurasana

Modified Hasta Padangustasana


Lunge with thigh stretch, into a curvy twisting lunge with thigh stretch

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Happy Baby

and finally the translation for the prayer:

O My God, this sick one that is here before You, has come here to ask you what he desires, and that which he thinks is the most important for himself. You, O God, help to have these words enter his heart: 'It is more important to be of a healthy soul.' Lord, may your blessed will be done in every way! If you want me to heal, then heal me, but if your will is different than that, may I continue to carry my cross. We ask you also for all of those that pray.

Somehow I feel I didn't do the prayer justice, for some of the juice was lost in translation. Oh well.