BELARUS SPRING? An election fraud and the street is on fire

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Aug 11 2020 28 mins   2

Belarus, a former Soviet Country of 10 million has had a pretend democracy since the fall of The Soviet Union.  Since 1994 Aleksander Lukashenko has been President.  He's stifled free and fair elections and jailed opponents.  Until now. 

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a housewife, and mother of two, whose husband ran for President and was jailed, decided to standup and call for real democracy.   She appears to have won the elections, say but was denied victory by Lukashenko who is using the police to arrest and suppress a Belarus Spring. 

On Back Story host and creator Dana Lewis talks to Belarusian journalist and activist Franack Viacorka and Belarus expert Olga Dryndova from the European Center for Eastern European Studies.

What will happen now in Belarus? And is Russia fearing the same call for freedom?