ELITE : SIX - #17 Virtual Meeting - Michael Hempseed Mental Health

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Apr 03 2020 58 mins   1
Event sponsored by ELITE : SIX listen to TED speaker Michael Hempseed topic will be Mental Health Thanks for zooming in, we value having you here today. I will just explain briefly the format. We normally run a think tank meeting on a Friday and it recorded on our podcast and it open chat with everyone pitching in there 2 cents worth. We have a theme picked from the end of the last week meeting. As we are adapting, I thought we would us some of the topics talked about at our meeting this week. However most questions have responded to by our ELITE : SIX members and posted to our website in the blog section. This Week Learnings Thinking DifferenceEmbrace ChangeLearning TechBe Collective work together with a buddyChecking up on ya mates, talk to strangers, adopt a online friend. Even over the last two week of using Zoom I have seen people building better relationships in different ways, after all you are in peoples homes, it a nice way to meet new friends. Personally this does not make sense, 9 million people die of hunger and hunger-related diseases every year, when others are earning $400,000 per week for playing soccer. It’s time for change and new way of thinking. What slows people down is things like criticising for the sake of if it, let leader lead and follow they may may not be prefect today. But we need leader more than ever! I am enjoying time and home and not having to be in the race for life and planing my retirement, it come down to three fundamentals. Shelter, Food and Friends and Family. David Clarkson is going to introduce our speaker... CAUTION: This message has been composed by a dyslexic person using voice recognition, over bluetooth, with predictive texting enabled. So, who knows if it is 100% accurate. If in doubt phone me on 021 961 652