12 Questions with Julia Price - Dale Carnegie Training

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Oct 10 2019 16 mins   1
ELITE : SIX 12 Questions with Julia Price - Dale Carnegie Training elite6.co.nz/member/julia-price-dale-carnegie-training/ Julia Price moved from Wellington to Christchurch, and is grateful to have two places she calls home. She has a BHLSc from Massey University, is a recipient of NZ Fitness Leader of the Year, and has been the Managing Director of Dale Carnegie Training since 2016. Good at juggling multiple babies (mother of triplets), but not so good at gardening, Julia is however an expert at growing people. She worked for Canterbury Police for nearly 8 years and had first-hand experience witnessing people performing under the most trying of circumstances during the 2011 earthquakes. Drawing from her experience as a Health and Safety Manager, First Aid Tutor for NZ Red Cross and Exercise Professional she has a diverse set of tools to understand people and knows what it takes for them to perform at their best. Passionate about human health and psychological wellbeing, the move to Dale Carnegie was a logical one, and has given her the vehicle to not only help individuals overcome obstacles, but helps businesses grow their most value able asset: their people. Dale Carnegie’s principles of human relations aren’t rocket science, they are common sense, and Julia has made it her mission to make them become ‘common practice’ in the workplace. She also practices as a Wellness Coach, specialising in Sleep Education and Fitness for Work. In her free time, she likes to play tennis, play piano, drink coffee, walk (a.k.a. struggle to contain) her Retrodoodle, and invariably work on perfecting the garden.