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Aug 07 2020 43 mins   1

Authoritarian Governments are strangling media freedoms in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.  Hungary, Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovenia all have Governments choking free speech.   

In July 80 journalists quit the last independent media platform in Hungary because they knew they could not report freely anymore. 

Why doesn't The European Union (of which these Countries are members) force Government's to respect freedoms that are the cornerstone of EU principles?

Host and Creator of Back Story Dana Lewis talks to The Fmr. Deputy Editor of Hungary's Index Veronika Monk.    Also, Gabor Polyak from Mertek Media think tank. 
And, Hungary's Member of the EU Parliament Katalin Cseh.

American's should remember how important press freedoms are for democracies and the stories coming from Eastern Europe are a chilling reminder how fragile our system is, especially with a President like Donald Trump.