Ep 89: 60+ Min Level 1-2 Prenatal Yoga Class, Creating Bountiful Meaningful Boundaries

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May 01 2011 69 mins   1

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This class was inspired by one of you lovely people. The mighty Jennessa posted on my Facebook wall asking if I would consider doing a prenatal class in the next couple of weeks and voila! Here it is.

Here is the disclaimer: This class is aimed at pregnant women that already have a working knowledge of yoga and have done yoga prior to attempting doing this audio yoga class OR that recently have decided to practice yoga because they heard that yoga was good when you are pregnant. Always be mindful of your own body and consult your doctor or midwife before attempting any physical activity such as this class. This yoga class is not medical advice.

Sorry to be so serious but it comes from my deep desire for you to choose what's best for you and to be mindful of the choices that you make especially when you have a beautiful little life growing inside of you.

Given that, this prenatal yoga class is a little over an hour, not too intricate but deeply focused. It is what I consider a level 1-2 class and not the best for absolute beginners of yoga. You may do the actual class or you may use it as a meditation and simply listen to me speak, and do an extended savasana :) Props to have near you if you happen to have them, blocks, blankets and bolsters. Use them as you please.

The Meaning Within

The theme of the class is all about creating meaningful boundaries. I find that when it comes to parenting physical reminders really help me. I have a gold pendant of the virgin mary that my Mom sent me, that is actually for Hunter when she gets big enough, I also have bought myself a couple of rings and a bracelet that hold deep meaning to me, due to the precious stones, the metal and even the shape. They serve as physical manifestations of sacred choices. It sort of magically worked out that this episode's sponsor was a jewelry site. I found a lovely amethyst silver ring that resembles one I wear when I want to choose to remember promises I've made to myself as well as a silver cuff that is almost exactly like one I own when I want to remember power, strength and grounding. If you wanna get yourself some power jewelry for yourself for Mother's day go to http://ice.com/yogaclass and get 25% off the entire store PLUS free shipping! How about that for a treat? There is TONS to look through!

All right, enough!

On to our class :)

The 60+ Minute Prenatal Yoga Class Sequence


Tadasana with Anjali

Arm Salutations

Uttanasana Play

Uttanasana Ardha Uttanasana (Strong foundation plus tons of side body long)

Stand back up to Tadasana

Move to the back of the mat

Prenatal Half Sun Salutes

Uttanasana/Ardha Uttanasana

Downward Facing Dog


All fours

Down dog


Teeny Baby Push-ups

Cobra and variations


Walk hands back to Uttanasana

Uttanasana/ Ardha Uttanasana/Uttanasana/Tadasana

Half Sun

Prenatal Sun Salute with baby chattarunga push ups

Tadasana arms interlaced above the head stretching to the sides

Sit down

Sukhasana plus kegels

Marichyasana Open Twist


Wide supine twist

Savasana (Supported in Whatever way feels the best)