44 — Shoftim: We Want "Justice, Justice," Not "War, War"

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Aug 20 2020 51 mins   14

This week, we figure out what proper conduct would look like for a king, if we absolutely must settle for a monarch (which, we're def not convinced on, but if we gotta have one, they can't be too focused on all their cool partners). Plus, Nate Silver is illegal, judiciaries are a questionable framework given their dubious claims to impartiality, and dating nonbinary people is great because there aren't any obvious terms for us.

Full transcript available here.

At the top of the show, we talked about how Jaz played Monster Prom and Lulav watched The Darkness (so you don't have to). Here's the quote from Ibn Ezra on "Justice, Justice shall you pursue." Jaz cites The View From Somewhere by Lewis Raven Wallace, who also makes a podcast by the same name that you can listen to. Also, follow Jaz's friend who recommended the book, Gabe Schneider, on Twitter @gabemschneider.

Content note: non-graphic discussion of war in the second half of the episode

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