Matthew Flood Ferguson - I Used To Scratch The Film

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Aug 20 2020 95 mins   4

On this episode I speak with Set Decorator / Production Designer Matthew Flood Ferguson. Matthew is currently nominated for an Emmy for his work on the Netflix series “Hollywood” for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period or Fantasy Program. His career as a Set Decorator focused on films like "Running with Scissors", "Beautiful Creatures", "The Gift", "Battle of the Sexes" and more… but recently turning to a string of high end TV Dramas like "American Crime Story: Versace", and the upcoming "Ratched", he then moved to Production Designer for “Hollywood”. We talk about how we met on Versace, how he started his career in commercials, the ridiculous pace it takes to get a series like "Versace" and "Hollywood" made and if he’ll be sticking to Production Design. I also gush about my love for the film "Running with Scissors" and make him talk about all the good stuff.