The real secret to beating the algorithm in 2020

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Jan 23 2020 31 mins   1

If you've been feeling like social media gets tougher every year, that the effort you're pouring into your personal brand or business seems to barely make a difference, and that it looks almost impossible to stand out and get noticed in today's noisy, crowded world... you need to listen to this.

We're going to cover a LOT. In particular...

  • The truth about the algorithm and how to beat it (or join it?)
  • What I've noticed happen to Instagram over the past 2 years
  • What "compound interest" means for building a brand and how you can create it
  • What happened to my YouTube channel while I was on vacation and didn't plan ahead

And 5 really simple but crucial strategies you need to follow if you want your work to make a difference in your life and business this year -- and every year.

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