How to Use Journalling to Achieve More and Worry Less

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Jan 09 2020 20 mins   1

If you're looking to add one thing to your toolkit this year that actually moves the need for your life AND business, may I suggest you try daily journalling?

Now before you roll your eyes and visualise "Dear Diary, why doesn't Johnny me anymore? I can't go on without him!" I beg of you to listen to today's episode.

I started daily journalling in August of 2019 and was blown away by the immediate and longer-term changes I experienced.

Things like...

▶ less anxiety + racing thoughts
▶ less negative self-talk
▶ more productivity + focus
▶ a more positive outlook
▶ sleeping sounder
▶ quicker to nip challenges in the bud

Basically everything I needed to start feeling like I was the one in the driver's seat!

It today's epside I'm going to not only talk more about why I think this is such an important habit to build, but also some really simple guidelines for how to do it. So shall we get started?

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