How to Turn Your Instagram Into a Personal Branding Machine

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Nov 28 2019 26 mins   1

Everyone's talking about Instagram these days, but is the advice you're being given actually making a difference? I truly believe that Instagram is as powerful a personal branding tool as a website, but only if you're using it right.

In today's episode, I want to talk to you about the 7 non-negotiable elements of a powerful IG profile and NONE of these things are "growth hacks" or dodgy tactics that might make you look popular on the surface, but mean absolutely nothing to your brand or business (and may even damage them!)

Don't believe me? Spoiler alert -- we're talking:

1. On-point profile photos
2. Bios that attract the right people
3. Highlights that work like website pages
4. A visual aesthetic that's easy AND attractive
5. Developing a natural tone of voice
6. Creating content that transforms
7. Creating content that gets shared

So... shall we turn that IG account of yours into a personal branding machine?

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