How to Build a Personal Brand in 2020 and Beyond

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Nov 18 2019 22 mins   1

After laying those personal branding foundations, I'm sure you're getting impatient to dive into the how. Don't worry, this episode has you covered!

First up we need to address some of those stories you might be telling yourself about why it's too difficult or not important for you to be thinking about building a personal brand. Specifically...

  • Aren’t personal brands for celebrities and influencers?
  • How am I supposed to start out when the market is so crowded? 
  • Isn't it too late to start a blog, YouTube channel or podcast?
  • I do so many things, how am I supposed to build a brand if I’m not a specialist?
  • I’m too old – who would want to see me on video, in photos, on stage?
  • How do I build a brand if I don't even know what I'm selling?
  • I’m already so busy, how will I find extra time to build a brand?

And once I put your mind at ease, I've got 5 really practical steps for you to follow to start getting more intentional about your personal brand today so you can see real results in 2020.

Keen to know what they are? Well, you'd better start listening!

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