Why You Need to Start Sooner + Dress for the Life You Want to Create feat. Trish Taylor

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Mar 10 2020 39 mins   1

If you've ever felt like maybe you've been playing small, hiding from the world, or waiting too long to do the thing you're destined for, this episode is for you.

Trish Taylor is a talented stylist but her talent goes beyond helping women dress well. Trish's mission is to give entrepreneurial women the confidence to show up and stand in their future CEO selves so they start to do and attract the things that'll take their lives and businesses to the next level.

Some episode highlights include:

- How Trish went from celebrity stylist to coach & course creator
- How to prepare yourself to go all-in with your side hustle or dream
- Why you need to stop hiding & get on camera (even if it terrifies you)
- Ways to up-level your outfits even on a tight budget
- Tips for dressing on camera so you look & feel amazing
- Plus so many other nuggets of wisdom

While Trish might just dress entrepreneurial women these days, this episode is relevant no matter what you do or how you label yourself. The fact is, we ALL need to take bold action to create the life we want, and looking the part is a huge factor in that.

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