Ep.4 | Pervis Taylor: how we show up for our black brothers & sisters

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Jul 13 2020 58 mins   2

In this episode we cover:
- A real story from a successful black man who has experienced racism his whole life to humanise the reality of racism in the 21st century
- The difference between white privilege & racism
- What we can do to help lift up our black brothers & sisters and do small acts to push society forward
- How the Black Lives Matter Movement extends beyond an issue of police brutality
- An exploration of the incarceration issue and the layers that build up to perpetuate or perception a stigma over time
- The “child state” of trauma that can last into adulthood and how parenting can have such a big impact on this

This episode’s guest is Pervis Taylor, III, M.A. Pervis is an award-winning celebrity life coach, speaker and author of “Pervis Principles” Volumes 1&2 and “Single Man, Married Man”. As a result of his own trauma, Pervis has dedicated his life to the betterment of one's mental and emotional growth. Through his honing methods, he continues to transform the lives of his extensive client roster that reaches both celebrities, executives, organisations and most importantly inner city youth by pinpointing their needs and goals. Pervis has his Bachelors in marketing from University of Miami and his Masters in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University.

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