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Feb 25 2020 20 mins   2

In episode number 003 of Master My Garden podcast titled "For the birds" we look at wild birds in the garden. We discuss the joy, happiness and energy they bring to your garden. We talk about why we should feed wild birds, We then look at the best areas to set up a feeding and nesting areas and the types of foods we need to feed to attract a large variety of wild birds. Then we finish with a look at 8 top tips we as gardeners can use to attract more birds into our gardens. I would be delighted to see your feeding areas or pictures of birds in your gardens you can find me on facebook John Jones (Master My Garden) or Instagram @Mastermygarden or send to [email protected] 
Remember if you have any topic you would like covered please message me at any of the above and I will try cover for you in upcoming episodes.  If you would prefer to read a blog of this episode you will find this on the website also www.mastermygarden.com 

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