I Can't Believe You Think He's Innocent: Head to Head of Fancy & Colleen on Scott Peterson Episode 1

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Aug 19 2020 63 mins   1

We've teased it for months and it's finally here. THE EPIC FACE-OFF BETWEEN FANCY & COLLEEN ON SCOTT PETERSON!!!!!

Colleen might just be the only person on earth who thinks Scott is NOT GUILTY. Yes, you read that right. COLLEEN THINKS SCOTT PETERSON IS NOT GUILTY!!! Can you believe it because Fancy certainly can't? Tonight we're going to start off with just what the public has been told about the case. It's the facts as everyone knows them. And more than likely the truth but ya know dreamers have to dream I guess.

Can you tell it's me, Fancy, writing this? LOL

Our Next episode will feature Colleen's side of things. Colleen will present her case to Tori and Christina and they will have an opportunity to ask her some questions and I'm absolutely sure they are going to have some. I mean who wouldn't She thinks he's innocent. LOL

In the Third Episode, I will come in and give my rebuttal. I'll be refuting her position and giving why I think that he's guilty as the day is long to Tori and Christina. Again they will be given the opportunity to ask questions but I bet they won't have too many. LOL

In the Fourth and Final Episode, our season finale, we will all come back together and we'll discuss the verdict of what we all think after all the information is presented and there will even be an opportunity for you our listeners to give us your own verdicts and even possibly win a prize.

So hang on we saved the best for last.

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