Ep. #40 Leave Confusion, Reclaim Your Queendom w/ Alchemist Freedom Ciavarello

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Aug 26 2020 75 mins   1

In a world where dissociation and disembodiment from the self and the natural world are the epidemics of our time, the mental, physical and spiritual health of the people suffering. In a world where chaos and confusion are always a reaction away, the unaligned self seeks support in the instant and concentrated reward of false pleasures that perpetuate pain. Intuitive Alchemist Queen Freedom Ciavarello, brings plants to the people for the Ultimate Level of Quantum Healing and Realignment, through remembering WHO we are at the most basic and subtle, yet profound level. Beyond what is even perceptible to the human mind, but KNOWN deeply in it’s effects in the waking life, we bring you plant allyship. 

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