RANE Insights: Getting Back to School Amid Pandemic

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Aug 25 2020 26 mins   10

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt lives as companies and schools look to re-open. We’re learning new things about this virus every day, causing plans for returning back to work and back to school to remain fluid.

In this episode of the RANE Insights podcast, RANE Founder David Lawrence sits down with Drs. Bill Lang and Fred Southwick to discuss the evolving information about the virus and emerging best practices for re-opening safely.

Dr. Lang is the Medical Director at WorldClinic, where he is the Director of Clinical Policy and Services for the firm’s Virtual Executive Care and Occupational Health practice. He is an expert in medical contingency planning and public health responses to biological incidents, including both a pandemic and a bioterrorism event. Dr. Lang has developed health and operational safety programs during his more than 26 years of service in the health and medical field, having served in critical medical positions at the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

Dr. Southwick is Director of Patient Care Quality and Safety, Division of Hospitalist Medicine and Infectious Diseases Specialist University of Florida. He is a specialist in Infectious Diseases with a sub-specialization in Anthrax, Immunodeficiency disorders, and Sepsis. He is an expert in error prevention, process improvement, and the application of Lean Production System to improve the efficiency, reliability, quality and safety of health care. He has been an active NIH funded biomedical investigator for over 30 years, studying how bacteria interact with the human host.