Episode 12: Nipple Play and Muscle Growth with Dadddy Chris

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Oct 21 2015 72 mins   1

This episode we have Adam’s Daddy (and Darts boy) Chris with us today to discuss two of his favourite fetishes: nipple play and muscle growth.

Chris takes us through:
How to start nipple play off right. Don’t just grab and yank
How to best play with them. manipulation techniques.
Best and worse toys for nipples and How to grow your nipples and make them huge.
Safety concerns for nipple play
What is muscle growth in a BDSM setting
The fantasy of ‘forced’ muscle growth and the reality
Growing to please dominant
Deliberate uneven growth to make a ‘muscle freak’
Starting out at the gym
Synthol:just say no!
Safety concerns for undertaking muscle-growth.

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