Episode 11: Sir Dart on bondage and forced apperance changes

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Sep 29 2015 71 mins   1

Today we are interviewing a friend of the show Sir Dart; An experienced kink educator, former bounded and gagged model, host of the darts domain podcast and Adam’s Grand-Daddy.

Dart today talks with Adam and Craig about his history with bondage as well as his view on forcing appearance changes on someone as a form of domination, dealing with one of his biggest mistakes in a scene and much more. we cover:
Dart’s exposure to bondage and his ‘coming out’ about his kinky side
Acting in pornFirst bondage experiences in bars
The differences between Shibari and practical bondage
The Psychology behind forced transformations and appearances
Personal experiences with Forced changes to appearances
The difficulties of coming out about an uncommon or unique fetish
The pros and cons of analyzing the roots of a fetish for people
Learning from your mistakes and putting other peoples safety before pride and ego
Mistakes in play we have made
Dealing with jealousy and feeling compersion

Dart can be found as @DartsDomain on twitter and his blog and podcast are found at www.sirdart.com

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