Important addendum on Silicone body mods

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Dec 04 2017 2 mins   2

Recently, we had a guest who discussed his experiences with silicone injections and genital enlargement. As part of that podcast, we discussed the risks and concerns associated with that procedure. However, a recent incident — unrelated to this specific show or its guest — has encouraged us to draft an additional, more specific warning.

On November 16, a well-known silicone injection user — @gitbigger on Twitter — died due to lung failure, which was brought on by an injection gone wrong. We’ve been told that the person performing the injection accidentally hit a vein, and that this allowed the silicone to travel into life-threatening places. Our condolences go out to his family, his partner and his friends.

Before undertaking any BDSM activity, it’s very, very important to both know and plan for all the possible things that can go wrong. But some activities are not guaranteed safe under any circumstances. Unlicensed medical procedures fall under that heading. Even licensed surgical procedures can be risky, but without proper licensure and supervision, the risks are significantly greater. That includes more than just injury and disfigurement. “Death” is most definitely on that list of risks.

As always, the major choices in your life are your own to make. Just think them through seriously and carefully before you make them. Because some of those choices can only be made once, and once done, they cannot be undone.