#13 - Dr.Swapnil Mate, renowned Physiotherapist talks about injury prevention, common injuries, stretching protocols and recovery methods

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Aug 03 2020 50 mins   2

Episode Summary

Dr.Swapnil Mate, renowned Physiotherapist talks about the need for regular physical evaluation, common athletic and running injuries, their prevention and recovery protocols, factors to consider in a running shoe, importance of dynamic stretching and proprioception exercises

Show Notes
01:25 – Swapnil introduces himself and how he got into exercise physiotherapy 
02:35  – Common types of athletic and running injuries
04:55 – Importance of “physical evaluation” for any athlete 
08:15 – Injury prevention
11:45 -  Factors to consider in a running shoe
18:50 – Importance of dynamic stretching for pre and post activity
24:55 – Balancing rotational, lateral movements and importance of weight training
28:05 – Training gluteus medius muscles
31:10 - Proprioception exercises
32:30 – Recovery tools – massage, icing, Epsom salt bath, stretching, recovery drink, dry needling and rolling
36:55 – “POLICE” – the protocol to follow in case of injuries – Protect, Optimum Loading, Icing, Compression and Elevation 
44:25 – Quiz Time!
47:00 – Swapnil’s recommendations of other resources like books, YouTube channels

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Email: [email protected]

Dr.Mate's blog post on this podcast - Dr. Mate's blog
Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers (Amazon Link)
Clinical Sports Medicine by Karim Khan (Amazon Link)

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