EP024- How to keep your Buxus, Boxwood healthy.

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Jul 17 2020 22 mins   1

In this weeks episode of Master My Garden Podcast I talk about a problem that many gardens face and a question many people ask me. What is wrong with my Boxwood? or Why is my Buxus dying? To answer the question correctly you firstly need to identify the problem of what is causing the issue. There are mostly 3 reasons why something is wrong with a Buxus or Boxwood plant. They are box blight, boxwood caterpillar or hungry/dry plants and once you identify the problem then it is easy to solve the problem and ensure the plants look as they should. Healthy plants as I have often mentioned are less susceptible to pests or diseases so using Topbuxus health mix regularly will strengthen your plants and help avoid the 3 main problems. If however you already have these issues I run through how to make them healthy again. 

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