EP026- How to grow a Wildflower meadow with Sandro Cafolla

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Jul 31 2020 39 mins   1

In this weeks episode of Master My Garden podcast which will be part one of a two part series covering native wildflowers and floral/ pictorial meadow. This week I cover the native wildflowers. If you want to grow a native Irish Wildflower meadow then this episode if full of info to help you achieve that.

I am joined by Sandro Cafolla from Design By Nature. Sandro is the leading expert on Irish wildflower having being grow them successfully for over 30 years. His business Design By Nature supply gardeners, public authorities, parks departments, hotels and golf courses with native Irish wildflower meadows. They supply both individual varieties and blended mixes to grow wildflower meadows. These meadows are havens for all insects, pollinator and birds. Sandro and Design By Nature have test plots replicating various regions and soil conditions around Ireland to ensure the success of your meadow.

Sandro answers questions like,  how to grow wildflowers?  what are the best soils for wildflowers? and what steps gardeners need to take to have a wildflower meadow in their garden.

Sandro outlines the process that he goes through to harvest and source wildflowers and outlines in great detail how the seeds are processed to end up available for gardeners so sow in their own gardens.

Its a great chat with Sandro who really knows all about native wildflowers of Ireland and if you have any Native wildflower question contact Design By Nature through the quote form on their website link below (new website coming soon)

Website http://www.wildflowers.ie/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Seedpic
Linkedin https://ie.linkedin.com/in/sandrocafolla

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