EP016- How To Conserve & Save Water In The Garden

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May 22 2020 27 mins   1

In episode number 16 of Master My Garden podcast I look at how to conserve and save water in the garden. At the time this episode goes live on the 22nd of May 2020 there has been 12 weeks of dry weather in Ireland and the UK with little or no rain in most parts. This weather while great for getting gardening work done has lead to water shortages and possible hose pipe bans coming down the tracks. So in this episode I look at how we can save water and get better use out of the water we have with 10 tips on how to save water in the garden. 

Despite the fact that we get 150-225 rain days (a rain day is defined as a day with some rain) many gardeners still find water to be a precious and scarce resource at times with restrictions and hose bans common over the last number of years. 

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