EP015-How To Master Your Own Roses With John McNamara

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May 15 2020 44 mins   1

In this weeks episode of Master My Garden Podcast I talk to John McNamara from McNamara's rose nursery in Co.Cork. John has over 40 years experience of growing roses and currently grows over 500 varieties to wholesale to garden centres and other growers around Ireland. In the episode we talk about the categories of roses, and the best varieties within these categories. We go through the top tips to have success with your roses, including tips on how to prune roses, how often to feed etc. John tells us about some really interesting new varieties which are now on the market and some tried and trusted old varieties. We also discuss some disease resistant varieties that improve your chance of success. 

There will be a blog post outlining all these varieties and top tips for success with your roses on my website soon if you would like to read about it. 

If you are enjoying the podcast it would be great if you could leave a review on Apple podcasts or if you want to send me a review by DM on my social channels its good to know people are enjoying and getting something from the podcast.  

If there is any topic you would like covered in future episodes please let me know, you can find me on facebook John Jones (Master My Garden), Instagram @Mastermygarden or send an email to [email protected] 


Until the next time 
Happy Gardening

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Published: May. 08, 2020 @ 6AM Edit


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