The Story of the Golden Boy | feat. Christopher Dowling

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Mar 12 2020 49 mins   3

For gay Catholics who want to follow the Church's teachings, there are two option - join a religious order, or live a single, celibate life. Gay men, of course, have a third option where they can also become priests. So what happens when you try and three, and none of them work?

You can pray for a miracle, that your "same-sex attraction" goes away through some combination of grace and re-orienting your life. But if at the end of the day you are still gay, and still struggling, what do you do?

Husbands Pat & Jacob Flores talk with Christopher Dowling to find out just that. How does a faithful, gay Catholic survive in a celibate world? And if he starts to believe celibacy isn't the answer, where does he fit in then?

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