“THE YUBA COUNTY FIVE DISAPPEARANCE” and More Strange and Horrible True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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Aug 27 2020 71 mins   6
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IN THIS EPISODE: Five men disappear, and the more closely you look at the case, the more you question what exactly happened to each one of them. It is such a strange case, that a Yuba County, California police officer is quoted as saying, “This case is bizarre as hell.” (The Yuba County Five Disappearance) *** 
An incident of four men choosing to go skinny dipping ends up in court. (It’s a Matter of Honor, Your Honor) *** What started out to be a fun family outing on a pleasant summer day would soon take a horrible turn for an innocent five-year-old girl. (The Tragic Story of Nyleen Kay Marshall) *** Russian pilot Lieutenant Colonel Lev Vyatkin has had encounters with unidentified flying objects twice while in flight. And his second encounter left him shaken – and his plane’s wing glowing in the dark for days afterward. (UFO Shoots Ray at Russian Pilot) *** A pig pen goes up in flames – and you won’t believe what caused it! (Pig Poops Out Pedometer and Sparks Fire)

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