028. Women in Engineering - Rebecca Diederich

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Sep 07 2020 24 mins   1

Rebecca Diederich is making a huge impact at NC State as an Energy Project Engineer. She shares with us how she got started in Energy and the opportunities that she took advantage of when they presented themselves. While at NC State she was able to get started thru an internship and that led to a full time role upon graduation at which she's continuing to grow.  She shares several resources that she finds valuable which could be helpful for women entering industry.  Most of all you'll hear her passion for what she does and how she's looking ahead to the changing needs of energy management systems.  She is one of our heroes and this episode is full of inspiration for those ready to take that most important first step into something new. 

Guest: Rebecca Diederich - Energy Project Engineer at NC State University
Host: Chris Grainger.
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.
Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.

Resources: Girl Wash Your Face