029. Women in Engineering - Mary Burgoon

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Sep 08 2020 28 mins   1

Mary Burgoon has a passion for manufacturing and inspiring others to consider industry. She speaks directly to the importance of finding mentors and how to network to further your career opportunities. She's had the opportunity to visit some of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the country and shares about items she's experienced that could ignite a fuse in the next great generation of engineers. Her passion for supporting STEM programs is evident and at her current role she's impacting the lives of our military service men and women. Mary's energy is contagious and her "Why" is compelling - she gets to change peoples lives every day through AAM and giving back is at the heart of who she is.  This is a can't miss conversation and may provide the inspiration you've been looking for.

Guest:Mary Burgoon - Business Development Manager - Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (Rockwell)
Host: Chris Grainger.
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.
Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.