Your Introduction to Escaping to an Island...

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Sep 09 2020 7 mins   1
Join Rachael Krinks and guests from Australia and around the world who have started new lives on islands. We talk to ordinary folk who decided to start a new life living on an island, as well as bloggers, academics and other experts on all things island including a fellow who sells islands (did you know in the last month you could have bought an Australian island for under $400,000?). We’ll help you figure out if island life is for you and how to make the shift successful. If you want to start a new life living on an island, this podcast is for you. In this Introduction episode, meet host Rachael Krinks who'll tease you with the topics, tips and guest list for upcoming episodes. Be sure not to miss Bernard Salt in Episode 1 launching 18th September 2020!

Brought to you by Small Island Stories, publisher of Coochie Island News

Redland City Council is proud to provide funding for the Start a New Life Living on an Island Podcast as part of the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants Program to assist the Redlands Coast Community.