2020-Sept 10, Thursday - Fires, Riots, Censorship, Election Thefts, And Propaganda; In Case You Haven’t Noticed, America Is Under

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Sep 11 2020 177 mins   73
It’s time for Americans to look around, the riots, the destruction, the fires, the censorship, the propaganda and fake news, and realize that our country is under attack and assault. Kaitlin Bennett joins the transmission after a raging mob of leftist morons literally chase her down like a scene out of a zombie movie while she’s reporting from a college campus in Florida. Gina Floria joins the broadcast to discuss how Hollywood is destroying relationships between men and women. Tom Pappert joins to cover the massive support for President Trump while there is literally zero support for Biden. The Netflix pedophile special blows up in their face with backlash.


Kaitlin Bennett

Gina Bontempo

Tom Pappert