“ACTUAL ACCOUNTS OF BLACK EYED KIDS” and More Terrifying True Paranormal Horrors! #WeirdDarkness

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Jul 02 2020 84 mins   2
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IN THIS EPISODE: When it comes to the religious practice of snake-handling, sometimes God holds back the snake. Sometimes, He sends you to heaven. (Slithering Preacher Killer) *** The idea of waking up each day with no memory of the previous day makes for a humorous scenario in Hollywood – such as the film “50 First Dates”. But the real thing is not nearly as laughable. (The Scary Reality of Anterograde Amnesia) *** If you visit Central Michigan University you’ll see intelligent students, friendly staff, experienced professors, and… if you’re not careful… a few undead alumni. (The Haunts of Central Michigan University) *** The bell rings, you answer the door, and you are met by two young boys. A normal event in the life of everyday people – but have those children on your doorstep ever had jet black eyes? (Real Accounts of BEK) *** A woman makes the mistake of letting one of these children into her home… and now she is dying. (I Let The Black Eyed Kids Inside, Now I’m Dying) *** More and more, reports are coming in about the after-effects of meeting BEKs – even years after the encounter. (BEKs and Cancer) *** Most BEK encounters are the children trying to get into your home – but there’s also a story of a normal child going door-to-door and one those doors is answered by a black-eyed adult! (Who Are The Parents of the Black Eyed Kids?)

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