032. Women in Engineering - Megan Samford

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Sep 11 2020 39 mins   1

Megan Samford had one of the most heartfelt conversations we've experienced on EECO Asks Why. She shares her personal testimony on why she pursued her career path in security which is extremely moving. Her career has accelerated fast and after hearing her story you'll understand why. She has a heart for helping others and is always approaching each situation with empathy and compassion. Her personal drive is incredible and proves that if you are willing to put in the effort great things are possible. She believes in being transparent and always owning your situation (good and bad) - 99% truth is a 100% lie. This episode is full of wisdom and insight that is sure to provide inspiration. Megan is doing great things and she hopes this conversation will speak to the listener out there that is ready to take that most important first step. 

Guest: Megan Samford - Vice President, Chief Product Security Officer - Energy Management at Schneider Electric
Host: Chris Grainger.
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.
Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.